Date of birth:       Sept. 29, 1950.

Parents:                Late. Sh Hardial Singh and Late Smt. Banto Devi.

Family background: Belong to a lower middle class family that has army background right from my great-grandfather. I opted out of Army. My son is in army serving in Indian Army as a senior Officer.

Place of birth:     Bajrol in Kangra (now in Hamirpur) district of Himachal Pradesh.

Residence :           Now permanently settled at MARANDA in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

Profession:           Teaching (Dept. of Education, Govt. of HP ). Now Retired.

Education :        

i)              Primary Education: Govt. Primary School Bajrol

ii)             Middle Standard from Govt. Middle School Jangal-Beri

iii)            Matriculation (Punjab University, Chandigarh) from Govt. High School, Kakkar  (Kangra District, now in Hamirpur Distt.)

iv)           B. Sc.                      1970                       Punjab University

v)            B.Ed.                      1971                       H.P. University

vi)           M.A. (English)      1975                       Punjab University

vii)          M. Phil. (Eng.)       1978                       H.P. University

ix)           Ph. D. (Indian Eng. Poetry): The Theme of death and Suffering in the Poetry of Krishna Srinivas, Shiv K. Kumar and O.P. Bhatnagar. 1994.       H.P. University, Shimla.

Career to date:    i)              Trained Graduate Science teacher   1972     

                                ii)             Lecturer in English (School Cadre)   1988     

                                iii)            Lecturer in English (College Cadre)  1989

                                iv)           Retired as Associate Professor of English:

                                                Superannuation in 2008 .

Honours & Awards:

i) Lachian Art Letters Bronze Medal, 1987 Trans-World Poetry Exposition, Campbell, California (USA).

ii) 7th Poetry Day Australia, Australia Bicentenary, Gold medal, 26 Aug. 1988.

iii) Poetry Day Australia, Ist decade Bronze Medal, 1991-92.

iv) Certificate for Excellence as International Writer, April 30, 1992, Directory of International Writers (Univ. of Colorado, USA).

v) POETCRIT: POETRY MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR, 1995 by International Writers Association,1994.

vi)                 Michael Madhusudan Academy Award 1995, Michael Madhusudan Academy, Calcutta.

vii)                Bio-data published in more than a dozen publications of  (a) International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (England), ( b) American Biographical Institute, Raleigh, North Carolina (USA), (c) Marquis’ Who’s Who, Illinois (USA), (d) Directory of International Writers (University of Colorado, USA), (e) The International Who’s Who in Poetry 2003 & 2007 (Europa Publications, London, UK), (f) Eminent People of Today, 2003 (IBC, UK), (g) Who’s Who in Asia, 1st Edition 2006-2007 (Marquia/s Who’s Who USA)                                         (Now stopped to respond them)

viii) Poetry Day Australia, Dove in Peace Award, Gold medal, 2000.

ix) Hon. Member, Governing Board of Directors, ABI, Raleigh (USA).

 x) Second Best Fixed Form Poet of the Year 2003, Competition organized by Metverse Muse, Visakhapatnam (AP).

xi) Participated in 6th World Poetry Day organized under the aegis of Sikkim Akademy, Gangtok (21March – 24 March 2006).

xii) “Life Time Achievement Award” by Poetry Intercontinental, Chennai, 2009.


                Books : (a) Collections of Poems

1.  Broken Images (1983), Samkaleen Prakashan, New Delhi.

2.  The Poetry of Himachal Pradesh (1983), edited, Poetry Publications, Aska (Orissa).

3. The cargoes of the Bleeding Hearts & Other Poems ( 1984), Golden Books of India, Calcutta.

4. Himpaat (Poems in Hindi) (1985), Kanta Sahitya Prakashan, Maranda-176 102 (HP).

5. Perceptions (1986), Kanta Sahitya Prakashan, Maranda–176 102 (HP).

6. Gyrating Hawks & Sinking Roads (1996), Kanta Sahitya Prakashan, Maranda – 176 102 (HP).

7. Before the Petals Unfold (2002), Poetcrit Publications, Maranda – 176 102 (HP).

8. THIS PROMISING AGE & OTHER POEMS (2004), Poetcrit Publications, Maranda  [HP]

9. Collected Poems: 1979 – 2004 (2004), Poetcrit Publications, Maranda – 176 102 (HP).

10. Mellow Tones.  PublishAmerica, 2010.

11. WORDS. Aadi Publications, 2012.

12. WORDS: 1979-2010 (A Collection of Poems). Jaipur: Aadi Publications, 2012.

Conference/Seminars Attended:

1.  IX World Poetry Conference at Madras, 1985.

2. National Symposium on Indian English Poetry, Shimla, 1987.

3. Seminar on Indian English Poetry, Dhramshala, 1989.

4. 7th World Poetry Day, Sikkim Academy, Gangtok, 2006.

5.    UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Human Rights Education, Dasuya (Pb) August 26, 2010.

(b) Books on Criticism

                Death and Suffering in the Poetry of

1. Krishna Srinivas (1996), Poet Publications, Chennai ( TN ).

2. O. P. Bhatnagar (1998), Kanta Sahitya Prakashan, Maranda – 176 102 (HP).

3. Chambial, D.C. & PCK Prem, eds. English Poetry in India: A Secular Viewpoint. Jaipur: Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, 2011.

4. Chambial, D.C. A Humanistic Study in Select Post-1960 Indian English Poetry. New Delhi: AuthorsPress. Under Print.

(c) Research Articles

1.  ‘’What Shall I Ask’ – A Note of Anger in the Poetry of Shiv K Kumar’s Poetry”, Language Forum, XXI, 1-2 (Jan. – Dec. 1995), Bahri Publications, New Delhi.

2.  ‘Anger in OP Bhatnagar’s Poetry: A Dialectical Study”, XXI, 1-2 (Jan. – Dec. 1995), Bahri Publications, New Delhi.

3.  ‘Samal’s Poetry: A Study in Themes’, Replica, I, 4 (Oct-Dec. 1998), Cuttack.

4.   ‘Poetry, politics and Women: A Study of R. K. Singh’s Above the Earth’s Green, Creative Forum, XIII, 3-4 (July – Dec. 2000), Bahri Publications, Delhi.

5.  ‘Worlds: Krishna’s Quest for BLISS’, POET, Chennai

6. ‘Women in Keats’s Early Poetry: A Study of their Role’ in Recritiquing John Keats. eds. ARS Nagar & AN Prasad, Sarup and sons, New Delhi, 2005. pp. 67-78.

7. ‘A Note of Suffering in the Poetry of  Shiv K Kumar.’ S.K. Paul and Amar Nath Prasad. Eds. Indian Poetry in English: Roots and Blossoms. Vol. 1. New Delhi: Sarup & Sons, 2007. (209-224).

8. ‘A Conflux of characters in Kumar’s Thus Spake the Buddha.’ K. Balachanran. (ed.) Critical Essays on Commonwealth Literature. New Delhi: Sarup & Sons, 2006. [also Published in Reflections Jan & July 2005 : 96-106].

9. ‘“Not to die of Life / We have Art”: A Study of O P Bhatnagar’s Art in His Poetry.’ Jaydeep Sarangi (ed.) Explorations in Indian English Poetry. New Delhi: Authors Press, 2007.

10.  ‘Soul’s Journey in Niranjan Mohanty’s Prayers to Lord Jagannatha.’  Indian Poetry in English, Birendra Pandey. Ed. Atlantic Publishers and Distributers, 2006. 39-50.

11. ‘T. V. Reddy’s Poetry: A Saga of Human Grief.’ The Post-Colonial Space: Writing the Self and the Nation. Edited by Nandini Sahu. Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 2007.

12.  ‘Death Motif in the Poetry of Mahendra Bhatnagar.’  Poet Mahendra Bhatnagar and His  Mind and Art. Eds. Dr. Suresh Chandra Dwivedi and Dr. (Ms) Shubha Dwivedi, Delhi: Vista International Publishing House, 2007.

13. ‘The Paradigm of Suffering: A Dialectical Study of the Poetry of Shiv K. Kumar’ being published in a book on Indian English Poetry from Delhi.

14. “Mohanty’s ‘The Roots of My Grief’: A Dialectical Study.”  IJPCL (Jun- Dec 2008): 10-17. (for book to be edited by Dr. Madhusudan Prasad, Professor of English, Allahabad University, Allahabad).

15. ‘Paradigm of Paradox: A Study of Shiv K. Kumar’s Losing My Way [accepted for publication in The Journal of Post-Colonial Lioiteratures]

16. “Gemeinschaft: Kamala Das’s Quest for Love.” Labyrinth 2.3 (July 2011).: 180-85.

                (d) Poems

Widely published in India and abroad. Featured as poet of the month in Plowman (Canada), Poet (Madras).

Also included in several prestigious International anthologies published in India and abroad.


(e) Translations

Poems have been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, German, French, Greek and, Bengali.

:Writes in English, Hindi, and Pahari. Poems also relayed from AIR Shimla, and Dharmashala. Was almost regularly published in the poetry corners of The Tribune and Indian Express. From 1979 till they stopped their Literary Supplements.

: Translates poems from Hindi & Pahari into English and English into Hindi & Pahari. Translations published in several national and International publications.

: Besides poems also writes short stories. One drama in Pahari was also produced and relayed from  AIR Shimla.

: Has reviewed about a hundred books in various journals.

Interviews with Dr Atma Ram, Dr SC Dwivedi, Ms Rajani Kalahasti, RC Shukla, Dr Jaideep Sarangi, Anil K. Sharma, Arbind K. Chaudhary,  Dr. Shishu Paul Sehgal, and Gopal Ralhan published in various books, Journals, and Periodicals.

On net with Dr Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal from Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli in &

Standard Anthologies of Indian English Poetry, included in Busy Bee Book of Contemporary Indian English Poetry (2007). Eds. P. Raja & Rita Nath Keshari. Pondicherry: Busy Bee Publications, 2007.  [Ph.:091-  0413 - 2357247]

Brave New Wave: 21 Indian English Poets. (2008). Ed. K. V. Raghupati. Jaipur: Book Enclave, 2009.  [Ph. : 091 – 0141 – 2311900]

Research Guidance: Approved Examiner & Guide for M. Phil. & Ph.D. HP University, Shimla (HP), Periyar University, Salem (TN), and  Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa (Haryana). 

Editor : POETCRIT ( an International biannual of criticism & contemporary poetry) since January 1988.

    Chambial Niwas, MARANDA – 176 102 (HP).

 Mobile: 094180 – 38277       

Email :