It rained throughout the night.
It rained cats and dogs.
Horrible music played,
It drummed on the roof-top,
Echoed all around in the air;
It thundered and thundered;
The fire flashed and flashed
In the firmament.
Roared all the rivers and streams,
The ravines and gorges,
Water channels flowed proudly;
All sang cacophonous,
Monotonous song,
The horrendous song of obliteration.
Plains feared flood,
Hills, land-slides and cloud-bursts.
It rained and rained,
It rained throughout the night.
Human hearts meek,
Blades of grass in gale.

Tandava it was,
Shiva seemed in His frenzy,
Earth trembled under the beat of his feet;
Mild men, women and children
Huddled in homes and huts.
All chanted
Om! Om! Om!
Prayed for respite,
Respite seemed fled far,
Far away into the wild.
It was a terrible night,
A night it was of vigil.
The wind whistled; the trees
Danced a frantic dance;
Birds and beasts ran for life
In that hammering
And ceaseless rain
On that hideous,
Dark and dismal night.

The sun at dawn
Behind the hill, behind the clouds
Rang new life, rang new hope;
Breaths regained their normal course.

It was a horrible night!
A night that stopped human heart,
It was a night that seemed hurled,
Hurled from the horrendous hell;
It was a night that spelt doom,
Undeniably an ordeal that last’d,
Lasted for the whole hours of darkness
Amid the sway of terror and fright!