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Saturday, September 15, 2012
Life is a recipe, a meet,
Let us savor it- sour or sweet.

Put it on the tongue of experience,
Press it against the palate.

It will taste to our taste
We’ll like it like the most loved treat.

Nothing good and nothing bad,
Merely thinking makes it so.

Let us learn to laugh
In the prick of pin.

Find pleasure in our sorrow
Like the juice after the press.

Darkest night not without hope,
Bright day to guard up loins to cope.
Sunday, August 12, 2012
A dove came down
From its perch to peck at seeds
Scattered on the ground.

A cunning cat, sly as it is,
Saw it pecking
Unaware of the marauder around.

It pounced with shocking speed,
Caught the dove in jaws
Which fluttered wings in vain.

With the wink of an eye
The harmless dove was done to death,
Happy the wily cat.

Hunger satiated,
Licked the lips and whiskers,
Vanished into the bushes.